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This Is Not An Update On 5.0

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by RAGING, Aug 16, 2017.

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    RAGING Super Moderator Staff Member Beta Tester Founder Donator Enabler

    Guys and girls who are sitting on the edge of their seats patiently awaiting the release of BrokenBot 5.0, thank you for patiently waiting!

    For the negative impatient few who I have whitenessed act very unethically in the forum's over the past months, this one's for you..

    As a lot of the long timers (the guys who proudly wear their 'FOUNDERS' titles) know, sometimes a release can be delayed for a number of reasons and unforeseen/unexpected factors. The main reasons for a delayed release in the past including but not limited to:

    • Errors during testing
    • Incompatibility between BrokenBot, BlueStacks, MeMu and Clash of Clans
    • Real life dependencies (family, kids, work etc..)
    • Upcoming CoC updates

    For the impatient few who have only probably been here for a small fraction of the time that most of us have been here for need to understand that this is NOT the first time a BrokenBot release has been delayed for one or more reasons.

    You're not being duped, you're not being unfairly treated, you're not experiencing something that we old timers haven't experienced before. You're not entitled to a behind the scenes and a play by play if what Maxcom and Broken are currently doing as that is their business and if they want to inform you of something, they will on their own free will.

    I'd like to you all to take a look into the past of BrokenBot, read through the previous threads created in the News and Announcements sub forum and look at how open, upfront and straight forward they have both been towards this community. Most important, the release of 4.0. at the time this was a massive turning point for BrokenBot and it was delayed just like 5.0. but guess what. It was released eventually and up until recently it was regularly updated, bug fixed worked like a charm for 99% of the people.

    Read that thread here: https://brokenbot.org/forum/threads/brokenbot-4-0-delayed.2710/

    I do not know what Maxcom and Broken are currently doing with their time and nor is it my business. This is a hobby for them, they put as much time into this project as they can spare and that's all we can expect from them. For all anyone knows they have personal issues they need to resolve first, or they are infact hard at work getting 5.0 ready for release as soon as possible. Nonetheless, let them do what they need to do. Don't be nasty or negative towards them or anyone else on the forum because you can't wait patiently like the rest of us.

    I will be keeping a close eye on the forum's between now and the release of 5.0. If I continue to see negative comments directed at Maxcom, Broken or any other users in the forum I will take action in the form of a permanent ban (to be reviewed by the devs when they feel like it).

    Other then that, thank you to the people who continue to patiently support BrokenBot and help out around the forum. You're very much appreciated in every way.
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  2. Busyatschoolrcc

    Busyatschoolrcc Active Member Staff Member Beta Tester

    So moving forward, toxic posts and references to other bots will be terms for a ban. It doesn't help the situation. I have spoken with Maxcom and Broken - additional developers will be starting soon and hopefully 5.0 will be out in the near future.
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  3. maxcom

    maxcom Administrator Staff Member Premium User Beta Tester Founder Donator Enabler

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