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strategy to 3 star maxed TH9 without heroes

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by cobratst, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. cobratst

    cobratst New Member

    I spend a lot of time in TH9 without my heroes (upgrading) I searched for a good attack strategy to help me 3 star maxed TH9 without my heroes and it was so hard to do that , after the latest update test air attacks and I found the best way to do that , and I want to share it with you .


    5 Dragoons, 12 Balloons, 2 Lava Hound


    4 Lighting , 1 Earthquake

    CC troops:

    1 Lava Hound , 1 earthquake

    in wars I look for a base with 2 Air defences close to each other (8 tiles far) so I can use 1 earthquake and 1 poison for the CC troops

    the main idea is to look for a base with exposed Queen or semi Exposed (its range far 2 buildings from the red line) ,

    use Dragons to take her down and the CC troops then start to surgically deploy the Lave and the Balloons


    link to uploaded video
  2. coppertop

    coppertop DeadPool Premium User Beta Tester Donator Enabler

    Not to bad. I'm more of a cheaper quick get in get loot and get out kinda person

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