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[Level 6 Clan OPEN 100% Safe] 24/7 Active Farming 26/50 [Arch/Barbs Lvl5+]

Discussion in 'Clan Discussions' started by subzerokmf, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. subzerokmf

    subzerokmf New Member


    Barbs/Arch Lvl5+ (mostly donating arch)
    Always request & donate
    Weekly 3k+ donated troops required
    If donate/receive ratio is poor or is inactive then you'll be removed.


    1. Do not ever mention about bot in clan or global chat!
    2. Do not share screenshots of your village before deleting/blurring your IGN/tag and clan name/tag!
    3. Donate/request always!
    4. Do not use "donate to all." Do not donate anything else but archers and barbarians.
    5. Do not mention about this clan to anyone and do not invite your friends! If you have a botter friend like yourself, he/she must take an invitation from me first!
    6. Don't accept someone to clan without password and don't share password!
    7. Respect War Donations!
    8. Speak English or Portuguese!
    9. Must respect other members

    Donation Keywords:

    Use specific keywords for donate/request. Only donate barbs/arch. Keep requests simple.
    Allowed keywords:
    for Archers: arch | archer | archers | any
    for Barbarians: barb | barbs | barbarians | any

    Info about the Clan:

    We are ALL active and not all of the players use bots. This clan was formed roughly a year ago and we are improving each day. Currently, the clan has 30/50 members. We are a combination of Farmers and War players.

    Goal for farmers - to increase XP levels and keeping each other's clan castles filled.

    To Join:

    Comment here or PM me ....
    better mail me on coc.clanrecruitment@gmail.com


    Thank You!  :)

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