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Grail TH9 GiBAM - 53-hour run, >500k gold/hr

Discussion in 'Loot Show-off' started by hlygrail, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. hlygrail

    hlygrail Member Premium User Beta Tester

    Longest I've ever had BB be stable without freaking out and doing the "drop 2 archers and quit" junk (I just witnessed it doing that, so had to stop the bot and queue up for a full restart).  Figured I'd post the stats as proof.

    52 hrs 38 minutes.
    145 Attacks, 94 win / 49 loss
    Was actually net-positive on trophies overall

    Finished off my last lego wall and starting in on the lava walls now.  :)


    Thanks, BrokenBot!

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  2. parjn

    parjn Member Beta Tester


    Is this the right thread to ask such a question?
  3. hlygrail

    hlygrail Member Premium User Beta Tester

    One more shorter set of stats, but lots more loot per hour.  I watched it snarf many 800k+ combined raids in the last few hours, which helps move the hourly average up significantly:


    I've run many different strategies over the last few weeks, but I always come back to GiBAM... it attacks every ~20 minutes, harvests like a demon in Gold 2 / Gold 1, and is very stable for several days of continuous run.

    I should also mention that my King is down for upgrade during all of this as well, so it's AQ-only for any live-base attacks.

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