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BS2 Feedback Needed

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by maxcom, Nov 1, 2016.

  1. maxcom

    maxcom Administrator Staff Member Premium User Beta Tester Founder Donator Enabler

    Hi Everyone,
    As very few of you noticed, last release we introduced very basic BS2 support.

    We would appreciate some feedback from those of you that have tried it. If you are going to try it, please make sure you have a copy of MEmu or BS1 handy in because BS2 with overwrite your BS1 installation.

    Thank you...
  2. MrJackSparrow2

    MrJackSparrow2 Member Premium User Beta Tester

    I gave it a try but BS2 crashes as the bot tries to launch CoC. Memu 2.9.0 (and 2.9.1) works fine on the same machine. Also, I can launch CoC manually on BS2 and it doesn't crash.

    Edit: I experience exactly what AxEgo explains below.
  3. Busyatschoolrcc

    Busyatschoolrcc Member Premium User Beta Tester

    I just saw this maxcom, I'll create another virtual machine and test it out!

    I'll post updates in a couple of days.
  4. Busyatschoolrcc

    Busyatschoolrcc Member Premium User Beta Tester

    So installed it on a Windows 10 install and i dont know what happened, but there are no icons for BS2 and it doesnt appear to run.

    I searched *.exe in the folder, but when I run the .exe files - no BS2 ever appears... Not sure what went wrong....

    Can anyone with a desktop icon give me the run path and arguments please?
  5. AxEgo

    AxEgo Member Beta Tester

    I can't get BS2 to work at all. BB decides it needs to restart BS2 and then crashes.


    There is nothing in the logs (BB doesn't save the logs before it crashes). The last 3 lines of the log:
    2016-11-02T09:28:53.5126533+02:00: Thread:1:6094028 [DEBUG] BrokenBot: Found Culture: Turkish (Turkey) [tr-TR]
    2016-11-02T09:28:53.5126533+02:00: Thread:1:6094028 [DEBUG] BrokenBot: Found Culture: Ukrainian [uk]
    2016-11-02T09:28:53.5126533+02:00: T
    Windows 10 Professional 32bit
    Bluestacks 2.02 Pre-Rooted
    BrokenBot 4.6.1
  6. Divaldino

    Divaldino New Member

    Okay for me once I saw BS2 support I went straight and tried it out and since then it worked smooth for me except for The Manual start of COC app inside BS2 and 2nd thing you're unable to hide, move or control the window of BS2 it's like a floating app that is uncontrollable except fro the taskbar to close it :D .. I love BS please give it some attention (PS: MEmu works so bad for me, laggy, sound goes away after some time and CPU resources are exhausted !
    I appreciate your work :) ..
  7. gnarboot

    gnarboot New Member

    Is brokenbot compatible with memu? It doesn't seem to let me login with my credentials. Does this require a subscription?
  8. Divaldino

    Divaldino New Member

    BS2 Screenshot to what I explained Up
  9. Al-Awadi

    Al-Awadi New Member

    why it doesnt attack when there is a dead base with needed search loots. keeps saying please visit brokenbot.org to update the version ot verify the version bla bla... used to work fine 2 days ago then idk what happened.. didnt change anything in the settings..plz help anyone

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