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BrokenBot Safety

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by beadwarf, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. beadwarf

    beadwarf New Member

    How BrokenBot is that safe? I started botting last halloween and i never got banned, btw with b**stbot i got permaban in my other account. ;-; rip
  2. maxcom

    maxcom Administrator Staff Member Premium User Beta Tester Founder Donator Enabler

    We limit what we allow to be done and focus on looking as human as possible unless you select the "I don't care if I get banned" speed. Everything is randomized and no 2 attacks are ever the same unlike the competition.
  3. hlygrail

    hlygrail Member Premium User Beta Tester

    1000% safe... many have run BB against accounts continuously for WEEKS at a time, and it's not a concern. It behaves very much like a human unless you bump up the advanced settings so it deploys everything instantaneously -- not recommended.

    Though I would love for them to throw me a free subscription, I get nothing for this comment, but it's true: These guys are SMART software developers who clearly understand logic, algorithms, *error handling* and randomization, and have executed it extremely well in BrokenBot. Only thing I get annoyed at is that I fill up all my resources about 6 days before I can free up one of my FIVE builders to do anything with it -- it's too good.

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