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BrokenBot Premium Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Broken, Aug 20, 2016.

  1. Broken

    Broken Administrator Staff Member Premium User Beta Tester Founder Donator Enabler

    What is BrokenBot Premium?
    BrokenBot Premium is an added service that provides even more features on top of the already extensive list of features. BrokenBot's mission was to provide a fully functional CoC bot without charging you to activate your heroes for example. We have stayed true to our vision while providing additional "nice to have" features our supporters can enjoy.

    What new features will it provide?
    Currently BrokenBot premium allows you to run multiple copies of BrokenBot at the same time. At this time this will require use of the MEmu emulator because BlueStacks can only run a single copy of itself.  In the very near future we also plan to add features such as weak base detection, weak wall detection, detecting storages and collectors near the base edge (for easy loot stealing), and full remote access to your bot.

    How do I upgrade to use BrokenBot Premium?
    Visit us at https://forum.brokenbot.org/pages.php?page=subscribe. Payments are accepted through credit card, Ali Pay, and PayPal.

    Will the price of BrokenBot Premium change?
    As long as you sign up for the recurring subscription your price will never change.  If however you opt for the month-to-month or year-to-year pricing these prices are subject to change at any time.

    If I pick the year subscription will I get the grandfathered rate in a year? Or do I have to pick the monthly?
    No, only monthly subscription prices remain locked in.

    What if I upgraded and the bot still tells me I don't have access.
    First, shut down all running BrokenBot applications and wait 5 minutes before trying again.  If this still doesn't work try resetting your password on the BrokenBot forums, wait 5 minutes, and try again.  If you are still having issues with your account please send a message to maxcom.

    I am a beta member, how does this affect me?
    Beta members will get access to ALL features during closed beta releases. You will then need a subscription to use any premium features once it is released to everyone.

    Will I lose my favorite features that BrokenBot has always had?
    Absolutely not! The core functions that are present in BrokenBot will always remain free. BrokenBot Premium is just allowing some expanded features to be provided and helping us cover our costs necessary to keep giving you this excellent free product.
  2. hlygrail

    hlygrail Member Premium User Beta Tester

    As soon as I do some testing and make sure donations work again, and all my strategies work again, I'm definitely onboard for subscription, but...

    For those of us who donated already, will that donation be credited toward the first pass upgrade? Just wondering...which means others probably also have same question.
  3. securer

    securer New Member

    i am new..i choose the strateggy to be online and collection resources but the bot still wont collect resources..

    it al;ready says everythiong is set up
  4. Lightning59

    Lightning59 New Member Beta Tester

    I try to take the subscription ... But J have a question before! If I take the subscription, and that one day I would terminate, how?!
    In the FAQ, it can indicate that several tour coc account memu ... His means that with only one computer, I can tour several bot same Temp ? Where only one at a time?
    Also, once you pretium, future update prenium bot automatically included ?
  5. maxcom

    maxcom Administrator Staff Member Premium User Beta Tester Founder Donator Enabler

    @Lightning59 - if you subscribe via paypal, you can cancel on paypal.com -- if you use stripe, you will get an email with the link and can also cancel from the subscription page.

    You can run BrokenBot on the same computer as many time as your PC can handle once you upgrade.

    You will continue having premium features including any future features as long as you keep your subscription active.
  6. jaydabay

    jaydabay Member Beta Tester Founder Donator

    autoupdate would be a nice premium feature if there are no plans for it on normal version
  7. maxcom

    maxcom Administrator Staff Member Premium User Beta Tester Founder Donator Enabler

    Autoupdate ... or weak base detection?  :)  Let us get stable and get some of these awesome enhancements out then we can talk :)
  8. astro128

    astro128 New Member Beta Tester

    I personally would love to see a feature that automatically offers my base up for friendly challenges (since i am online so much anyway botting) to my clanmates. Say options to offer your base every X minutes. Might be hard to code in different base selections, but I would think that just using the "last selected" or default would be fine to start.

    this of course after all stability/usability stuff fixed on the new release.

    great work on the new bot! its awesome

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