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Discussion in 'Usapan at Suporta - Wikang Filipino' started by mr.tan, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. mr.tan

    mr.tan New Member

    Hello everyone,

    Basic Rules:
    - Never mention anything related to "botting" in clan chat.
    - No swearing at or fighting with other members in our clan.
    - No asking for "co-leader", co-leader will be given based on your contribution and loyalty.
    - Donate only to keyword "Arch", "Archers" or "any"
    - No hopping, we want all our members to be loyal, we don't want to see someone joining for a single war and quitting or just quitting a few days after joining.

    - Minimum TownHall 8 (to kick start the clan)
    - English is a must.
    - Be friendly, respectful and mature.
    - Stay active!

    *Our clan is currently level 1
    *If you don't want to join wars, simply opt. out.

    How do I join?
    Well, it's simple, just fill the following form in this specific thread or through PM.

    Current level:
    Townhall level:
    Your Current Xp lvl and Barch Lvl :
    Your archers level:

    I will contact you once you fill this form.
    Its a New Clan so Plz be patient guys

    Happy botting!

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