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갓10홀되었는데 전략추천좀 해주세요 ^^..

Discussion in '토론 및 지원 - 한국어' started by hoyaof9440, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. hoyaof9440

    hoyaof9440 New Member

    기본전략껄로하니 스펠이랑 인구수 때문에 오류나는것같습니다..

    어떤걸로해야될지 하나하나 찾아서 해보고있는데 병력준비되는 시간 때문에 확인이 오래걸려서 도움구합니다
  2. elleena

    elleena Member Beta Tester

    Strategy Name: CybrDude [ALL] B.A.M - snipe and Dead Base Collector Attack
    Troops Used:
    · Barbarians
    · Archers
    · Minions
    Spells Used: NONE
    Cost @ TH10:
    Attack Strategies:
    · Collector Attack + Lots of Resources, dead base: attacks individual collectors.
    · Snipe + Snipe: Snipes in waves using BK first. First wave has a 10 Sec pause! Snipe isn’t overly accurate, sometimes the Bot mistakes a dark barracks or something for the town hall!
    · 2 Sided + Live Base 2 sides: Attacks a live base on 2 sides in waves, I find this a little weak.
    This is a very fast build and attack! You will sometimes lose trophies, so if they’re important to you, this is not what you want

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