Best Clash of Clans Bot 2017

Not only is BrokenBot ACTUALLY FREE, it also has revolutionary features not available even if you wanted to pay for the other CoC bots! But why would you? Get the BEST right now, for free.

No other Clash of Clans Bot has the ability to attack exactly like a human with over 200,000 completely different SMART ATTACKS. We're not just talking choosing what side as you attack the base randomly - we fully analyze each wall and defense to get you the highest loot per hour farming absolutely free.

So what are you waiting for? Download the BEST, FASTEST, PRECISE, SMARTEST and RELIABLE CoC Bot right now. Completely free.

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Amazing CoC Bot Features

BrokenBot Features Never Before Seen Advanced Technology


Maximize your resources per hour with dynamic boost, upgrade and scheduling options. We offer smart troop balancing, let us do the thinking for you!


Do you want the CoC Bot to sit in your town and just donate troops? No Problem! Attack using GoWiWi and get you to Champion? Absolutely! Anything you want from any paid bot - free!


Utilizing simple drag and drop UI, customize the bot to attack in any way you want. Use spells and heroes to take down the toughest live bases today.

Upcoming CoC Bot 2017 Features

Bot Clash of Clans Efficiently

  • Completely new streamlined and simpler interface (advanced UI for strategy building still will be available).
  • New interface allows us to do much more with the BrokenBot remote app (more to come on this after beta release).
  • Live remote viewing and instant management of all your BrokenBot instances.
  • Ability to stay in town and donate / keep alive.
  • Deployment speed increased by 600% (might tone this down).
  • Multiiiiiii- finger deployment (Deploy up to 20 troops at once)
  • Ability to instantly swap strategies.
  • Real-time remote control of every CoC Bot in your account.
  • Image recognition and text reading completely redone.
  • Use BrokenBot remote to monitor all BlueStacks and MEmu Android Emulators anywhere.
  • Advanced scheduler functionality.

About Us

Meet BrokenBot

Best CoC Bot - The Beginning

BrokenBot Remote

When all the other bots started charging for what should be standard features, Broken decided to revolutionize the industry and bring BrokenBot to life to share it with the world.

Nine months and nearly 200,000 users later, now closed source and written in C# and C++, BrokenBot continues to dominate the competition with advanced algorithms and precision.

BrokenBot currently has just 2 developers. With nearly 40yrs of combined development experience ranging from hardcore Assembly to Server Management and Scripting.

Working on a revolutionary road-map is never simple but we have stayed focused and true to the vision for delivering the best Free CoC Bot for BlueStacks ane MEmu in 2017 and beyond.

Thank you to all our moderators for your hard work and allowing us to continue working on this amazing project.

Clash of Clans Bot - BrokenBot

Get the most powerful and flexible CoC Bot now - for FREE!

Why Choose BrokenBot

Why are you still reading and not getting lewt?! If you for some reason need even more convincing that BrokenBot is absolutely the best CoC bot available here are some more details...

Clash Clans Bot

CoC Bot Summary

  • UNLIMITED Attack Strategies - Attack in ANY way!
  • Precise and Adjustabe Dead and Live Base Detection
  • Smart Training - Boosting just one Barrack? We'll Make the Most of it
  • Of Course- Boost ANY Building as Many Times as You Want
  • Use Spells in Battle - Just Like a Human Player
  • Scheduler - Humans Don't Play 24/7 - Have BrokenBot Take a Break
  • Automatic Unlimited Building Upgrades
  • Share Attacks With a VERY Active Community - Over 20,000 so far
  • Complete TH 11 Support Including Warden Attacking and Eagle Reload
  • Return to Town After X Searches
  • Lower Seach Amounts by X After Y Searches
  • We Automatically Read Your Base For Simple Setup
  • Return to Town as Heroes Become Available - Maximize Your Time
  • And MANY More...